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Learning games For babies

* Babies game for 1,2,3 years old. * 10 Educational puzzles to play & learn first words. * First 4 puzzles are FREE, others are offered now at a special price Game didactic goals: - Help curious kids expand their vocabulary and learn new words. - Learn about shapes and colors with 10 mini games. - Teach toddlers how to name Shapes, Colors, Animals and more. Playing examples: * In the Colors puzzle, your baby will learn to distinguish between different colors such as “Red” & “Yellow”. * In the Shapes puzzle, the baby can match cards with different shapes and learn to pronounce words such as Square and Rectangle. * In the Animals puzzle, curious infants will enjoy looking at the lovely animals illustrations and expand their vocabulary with words like: Mouse, Monkey and Fish. Features: - Easy and intuitive - even infants can play the puzzles. - Safe environment for children. No ads, No pop ups. - Voice over feature (can be turned off - just touch the mouth button). - Fun animations for your little childs enjoyment . - Special launching price offer. - includes 10 boards (mini games).

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